First Friday: Thankathon, Poetry, & Launch of the Mothership

What: Happy Valley Thankathon

Where: 3 Dots Downtown, 137 East Beaver Ave, State College PA 16801

When: Friday September 6th (5-9pm) continuing through the next week (Sat 7th, Tues 10th, Wed 11th, Thurs 12th, and Friday 13th when 3 Dots is open 11am-7pm)

Why: Thank you notes are a great way to make someone feel appreciated and also benefit the writer. Gratitude is linked to a number of positive outcomes, from decreasing depressive symptoms to strengthening friendships []. With the Thankathon project, we hope to encourage people to recognize the good around them by providing free thank you cards and supplies.

Join us on First Friday for a celebration of gratitude. With part Thankathon, part open mic, part Funk dance party, we’ll be featuring an exciting installation community art piece inspired by the Mothership.


Happy Valley’s first Thankathon has a mission to ensure that the kindness, caring actions, and bravery that happens in our community does not go unnoticed. Do you have a great neighbor that helped you when you crashed your bike, a teacher that made a positive difference, a co-worker that always has helpful advice  – participate in the Thankathon and let them know! At the Thankathon, there will be free thank you cards, a ton of art supplies to use to craft your own, and a PostSecret-style wall of thanks. Come by to brighten people’s day with thank you cards, help us meet our goal of 1,000 thank you’s in our community, and learn about who and what is making a positive difference in our community from the Gratitude Wall.


To usher in the air of gratitude, 3 Dots will stage an open mic on this most auspicious day. Bring your poems, bring your friends, open the cages of your hearts which protect you from the hustling workweek for some sweet and gentle lyricisms to usher your souls back into smiling. For further information and signup contact: or


The original Mothership was an elaborate performance prop used by Dr. Funkenstein (George Clinton) during his many tours in the late 1970s, early 1980s, and 1990s. A replica is currently held in the National Museum of African American History and Culture, but we’ll be building our own version as an act of appreciation and gratitude to the power of Funk culture and Black representation.

Plus, we will have an epic Funk dance party starting at 8pm!

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